Bulk Blasting Systems Bulk Units

All bulk units are standard with the popular Halok closure unit (a safety device by Axxiom to protect personnel while operating the closure), Ergo-Ladder and CEN blowdown system. These high productivity blasting systems feature multi-outlet Thompson Valve II controls that allow each operator independent control of the blast outlets. Hi-Flow Auto Air valves are also standard which provide minimal pressure loss when using large nozzles.
• Normally closed, fail-safe valves and controls
• High flow auto air valves standard for maximum productivity
• Standard 1600 cfm moisture separator for consistent abrasive flow
• Available as stationary or mounted on highway and yard trailers (skid and fork pocket options)
• Standard 150 psi ASME code pressure vessel
• 12″ x 16″ manway
• Optional bag rack with pipe stubs for abrasive loading
• 3″ bottom flanged port for easy vessel clean-out
• Grab handle and point of attachment for fall protection
Designed to ensure safe operation of the closure
Makes closure access safer and more comfortable
CEN (Controlled Expansion Nozzle)
Reduces the noise level of blowdown process and prevents frost buildup
Bulk Blasting Systems Bulk Units
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