Blast & Recovery Systems BRS

The Schmidt BRS can blast and vacuum simultaneously, effectively eliminating offensive dust clouds, poor visibility and costly cleanup. It can also perform either feature independently. Applications include indoor blasting, bridge and road maintenance, building restoration and more. Unit will also accomodate HEPA filtration for lead and asbestos abatement projects.
• Available in 2.0, 3.5 and 6.5 cubic foot systems with pneumatic or electric remote controls
• Dust collector is HEPA compatible for lead abatement projects
• Moisture separator and media vibrator ensure consistent flow of abrasive
• Urethane eductor pump available with 225, 350, 440 or 550 cfm nozzle
• Optional, adjustable air wash cyclone improves abrasive filtration and effectiveness
• Full port by-pass piping with regulator allows full pressure or regulated blasting without re-setting the regulator
• Quick opening hatches make cartridges and filters easy to remove and replace
• Units availbe as skid mounted or portable
• Automatic pulse jet minimizes clogging dust filters
• Cyclone has large, quick-opening access door and two-part screen for easy access
• System is capable of blasting and recovering simultaneously or independently
Blast & Recovery Systems BRS
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