AirPrep Systems 3. ACS (Aftercooler Systems)

Aftercooler Systems (ACS) eliminate moisture problems in your abrasive blasting compressed air system by effectively providing cooler, cleaner, drier air to your blasting system with negligable drop in pressure. By reducing rusting, clogged blast pots, damp abrasives and damaged valves, you’ll decrease costly downtime and increase productivity.
• Compact, vertical air flow design
• Stationary or Portable units available
• Protective bar grating
• 6″ x 8″ inspection port
• Pneumatic fan motor includes filter, regulator, lubricator and muffler
• Electric fan available
AirPrep Systems 3. ACS (Aftercooler Systems)AirPrep Systems 3. ACS (Aftercooler Systems)
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